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Windows 7 Is Ending: Upgrading Now Is Critical To Your Business’s Security

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Windows 7 Support Is Ending

Upgrading Now is Critical to your Business’s Security

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What Does This Mean For Me?


The threat of cyberattack is relentless and evolving. Cyberattackers are constantly scanning for unprotected computers to infiltrate.

In response, Microsoft’s engineers are always releasing security patches for new vulnerabilities. These updates are often installed on your computer in the background, and often without bothering you.

Computers still running Windows 7 after January 14th 2020 will be left vulnerable to attack. Known backdoors and new vulnerabilities that are detected will no longer be fixed, leaving your systems open to threats such as ransomware, cryptoviruses, and trojans. Read more about Microsoft OS lifecycles

What’s The Threat?


Recent times have seen countless corporations, cities, and communities being ravaged by cyberattack. We are living in a digital age where the threat cannot be ignored. Unsupported Windows 7 users will be vulnerable to these types of attacks. You can read more about incidents and their effects on our cybersecurity news pages:


In June 2017, 10,000 computers were infected with the Petya Ransomware


Trojan.Kotver exploits your own programs to infiltrate your computer


Emergency patches released by Microsoft in 2017 to repair Critical Vulnerabilities in SMBv1


Cryptojacking virus forces St. Francis Xavier University to shut down its network

It took an average of 3 to 5 years for large corporations to migrate from Windows XP


Businesses upgrading their operating systems will run into challenges such as:

Data corruption      Program incompatibility      Configuration errors      Network issues

Prolonged Downtime      Mailbox failures      Backup failure

Backup Process Engineering

The Advantages of Windows 10


Enterprise-grade security that will be consistently updated by Microsoft for the foreseeable future


Flexible and Increased Productivity

Work seamlessly across all your devices with the apps you know and love – Word, Powerpoint, Excel


Scalable and Affordable

Windows 10 grows and adapts as your business does. With cloud and pay-as-you-go options opened to you, you save on monthly IT costs. Read more about Windows 10

Upgrade with GIGE, get Windows 10 for free.


GIGE IT Solutions ensures that your transition process to Windows 10 will be as smooth and affordable as possible. Working with your company, we plan and deploy your transformation roadmap with the prime goal of maximizing business continuity. Here are some of the reasons you should upgrade with us:

Free Windows 10 License

Upgrade with GIGE IT Solutions and receive the Windows 10 Licenses free-of-charge

No Data Corruption

Make sure that you do not lose any of your sensitive data when you upgrade.

Minimize Downtime

Upgrading can be a tedious and prolonged process. GIGE Solutions plans and manages your upgrade to minimize its impact on your day-to-day

Ongoing Support

Remote or on-site support to make sure your systems are running smoothly on the new operating system. 30 minute response time to any service request

Compatibility Management

Ensure that all the software you use is updated and compatible with Windows 10

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