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What Are An Organization’s Biggest Vulnerabilities?

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What Are An Organization’s Biggest Vulnerabilities?


A network’s defense is only as strong as its weakest link. Like in any preventive strategy, it is essential to find and protect the most vulnerable parts, as these are the avenues that cyberattacks are most likely to exploit.

Remote Desktop Protocol

Remote Desktop Protocol, or RDP, is a Windows feature that allows for one computer to remotely control another computer. In today’s COVID 19 environment, it has become a widespread tool for stay-at-home remote work.

However, an insecure RDP connection can become a serious security flaw for any corporate work. A compromised connection provides an attacker with a direct route into a company computer. If that computer has administrative access and connections to network drives, those also become vulnerable as an extension. A strain of ransomware, a type of malware that extorts money out of victims, called “Phobos”, often exploits insecure RDP connections to infiltrate company networks.

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual private networks (VPN), is a method to securely connect to the company network over the internet.

Both RDP and VPN are methods of gaining remote access to your company computers and network. If these connections become compromised, they become direct methods for cyberattackers to inject malware into your organization. Therefore, it is important to keep these connections protected. Here are some strategies to keep your organization safe:

Diligent Patch Management

Patches are the single most effective method of keeping your company safe from cyberattack. Security vulnerabilities are often repaired in software updates provided by the manufacturer. It is essential to constantly stay up-to-date with these patches to keep yourself protected from known vulnerabilities.

Secure Your Email

One of the most common methods of cyber intrusion is through a malicious link in an email. If an employee’s computer is infected with malware, a remote connection from that PC to the company network could be devastating. Educate your employees on common signs to look out for in suspicious emails.

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