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Managed VoIP Services for Toronto and Mississauga

Custom Telephony Solutions for your Business

At GigE, we know that many small to medium organizations are forced into off-the-shelf solutions offered by large telephone carriers because these suppliers will not design custom solutions. As a result, they are forced to change their workflows to fit into a VoIP solution made for the general public. Based in Toronto, Mississauga, GigE’s VoIP services are designed with your specific company in mind.

Listed below are some of the different solutions GigE can provide for your company.

Feature-rich Systems

Our technicians can implement features like interactive voice response, conference calling, and DID

Custom Designed Plans

Stop paying for what you don’t need to use. We design specifically for your company’s size and workflow

Turnkey Deployment

Our technicians install all hardware and software for you.

Software Training

We ensure that all your employees are well-equipped to fully use the new features.

Ongoing Support

Our VoIP solutions don’t end with installation. We promise to ensure that your systems are always healthy and up-to-date

Turnkey Deployment

Our technicians install all hardware and software for you.

Why Should You Choose GigE’s VoIP Services?

GigE’s technicians have years of experience designing and deploying customized VoIP solutions for small to medium ranged businesses. As per our design process, we always strive to tailor your systems to your organization’s specific needs. Our VoIP services are a total package – we audit your systems, design and deploy a custom solution, train your staff, and ensure ongoing support.

How do we pave your VoIP journey?


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