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The Most Significant Benefits Of VoIP

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The Most Significant Benefits Of VoIP

VoIP (Voice over IP) has become one of the most widely used technologies in businesses today. There are many benefits to migrating your analog platform to VoIP, including financial savings as well as productivity features.
The process of swapping to a VoIP system can seem daunting to small-to-midsized businesses who are unsure of whether it can bring benefits to their specific organization. This article aims to demystify these doubts and help you take your first step to your migration.

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VoIP Integration Can Optimize Your Workflows
One of the major advantages of VoIP systems is their versatility to integrate with various communication infrastructure including videoconferencing, email, and eFax. This reduces the number of platforms that your organization is required to use, streamlining the process of communicating among coworkers, clients, and suppliers. With VoIP, all that is required is a single platform and a stable internet connection – with these basic components, you will be able to handle all of your communication needs.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) Integration
Many organizations use CRM software to track and store client information in their workflows. VoIP platforms can also integrate with many CRM platforms, allowing your team to collect and manage customer data more efficiently without having to jump between different platforms.

Powerful Call Forwarding Capabilities
VoIP platforms allow for powerful call forwarding policies to be set up to ensure that a client’s call is never missed. Transfer calls directly to your cell phone if you are away from the office, or to specific team members in case you are unavailable. This reduces client frustration, overall increasing customer satisfaction in the long term. This is a more efficient and cost effective method of handling calls while you are away from the office, compared to solutions like using landlines at hotels or airports.

VoIP Call Recording For Training
Recorded calls are a great tool for training or onboarding new employees to your organization’s workflows. By listening to previous call logs, employees and new staff can analyze mistakes or inefficiencies in workflow, allowing for constant improvement to service delivery. VoIP allows you to seamlessly record and playback calls to ensure that you always have the records needed to effectively train your staff.

Caller ID

Caller ID provides essential information to employees on incoming calls such has caller’s name, number and location. This ensures that they are prepared when picking up, and can more effectively forward them to the correct contact should it need to be redirected. VoIP systems are built to provide Caller ID information to your employees, ensuring that they are always prepared to handle any calls that they may receive, and can spend less time on calls that from spam numbers.

Voicemail Integrations
VoIP brings many voicemail features that make it easier than ever to ensure that you never miss that message. For example, some platforms automatically transcribe messages from voice into text, allowing you to read them instead of listening. Furthermore, VoIP platforms can forward your voicemails directly to your email in order to ensure that you are always notified.

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