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The Advantages of VoIP over Traditional Telephony

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The Advantages of VoIP over Traditional Telephony

Effective communication is one of the most essential pillars for any organization in today’s digital world. With the VoIP market continuing to expand in the last few years, many organizations have opted to update their existing analog telephony systems with newer VoIP systems.

VoIP, or Voice over IP, brings many benefits ranging from cost savings to new productivity features that can be highly useful to organizations of any industry. However, the process of updating your existing infrastructure can seem complicated and daunting. This discourages many organizations from making a transition that would have major benefits in the long term. This article aims to provide an overview of some of the main advantages of updating your systems to VoIP.


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Increase Productivity and Reduce Missed Calls
One major pain point for many organization is missed calls. When a client or potential lead cannot reach a member of your team, client satisfaction is often negatively impacted. With VoIP, you gain access to highly configurable call forwarded matrices that allow you to redirect your call to multiple devices, ensuring that your team never misses a client’s request.
This can also be highly useful for employees on vacation, as they can easily and efficiently set up call forwarding to colleagues and mobile devices.

Cost Reduction
Traditional phone infrastructure can be expensive. Month-to-month and long distance call charges can quickly add up, particularly for organizations with international clients or distributors. With VoIP, you can save up to 90% on international calling bills, reducing the overall financial strain that your telephony infrastructure places on your organization’s bottom line.

Flexible Communication Channels
For organizations with remote workers, being able to reach your team in times of emergency is vital. With VoIP, keeping connected is made simple and reliable. Customized forwarding policies can help your employees set up alternate methods of contacting them should their primary device be unreachable. Best of all, the forwarding process can be made completely automatic.

Secure and Reliable Conferencing
Conference calls remain a great way to hold remote meetings. However, traditional phone systems may impose additional charges for multi-caller meetings. With VoIP, you can bring multiple people onto calls without additional expenses.

Highly Scalable
Company growth can be a costly process for small business. As your headcount increases, your IT infrastructure may not be able to support the new employees, requiring you to spend additional resources purchasing and setting up new equipment. With VoIP, you can simply this process as these systems can often increase its capacity seamlessly, without having to replace any existing hardware.

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