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Upgrading Your IT Back-End Infrastructure

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Upgrading Your IT Back-End Infrastructure

Upgrading Your IT Infrastructure Backend
A robust and efficient IT infrastructural setup is an essential part of business functions today. From small businesses to large enterprises, it is essential that your data storage and communication systems support your business delivery.
Ageing hardware or obsolete software could be contributing to your infrastructure not performing optimally. This article aims to provide strategies to improve the current state of your infrastructure.

Upgrade Your Infrastructure Today

What does IT infrastructure Include?
IT infrastructure encompasses the electronic equipment that make up your organization’s network. The exact number and configuration of devices can vary significantly among different companies, but in general infrastructure is composed of components such as switches, routers, servers, operating system software, and firewalls.

How can you improve your IT infrastructure

Upgrade Current Hardware
While many organizations are hesitant to upgrade hardware due to the up-front costs of replacing obsolete devices, these same devices may be leaving significant security vulnerabilities in your network. Cyberattackers can exploit these security holes and gain entry into your organization’s back-end, where they can launch malware attacks such as ransomware or data theft.

Many organizations experience data breaches due to security weaknesses found in their dated hardware. These cyber incidents in turn result in massive damages to company finances, and also impact customer relationships. Replacing obsolete hardware can bring major improvements to your organization’s IT security, and is an important first-step to improving your IT infrastructure as a whole.

Cloud Services
Many organizations are now opting to migrate their infrastructure to cloud-based platforms. This brings many benefits including increased flexibility and reduced costs. First, cloud infrastructure minimizes the amount of on-site storage that your organization requires, as your data is instead stored in their protected cloud servers. Not only does this mean you can access your files from anywhere with a secure internet connection, but this also protects your data from in-office disasters such as server storage failure, floods, and fires.

Data Backup Protocols
Data backup is an essential pillar of IT security. Ensuring that critical files such as financial records, customer data, and trade secrets are backed up can prevent major problems if the original copies are accidentally or maliciously deleted. Some strains of malware such as ransomware also leverage these important files by encrypting them behind a ransom wall, demanding payment for its safe release. If up-to-date copies are stored in an offsite or cloud-based server, they can simply be recovered after the attack hits.

Partner With An IT Specialist To Help Manage Your Infrastructure
Working with a managed IT service provider is one of the most effective methods of managing your company’s IT. With an MSP, you can ensure that your equipment’s health is always monitored, reducing the likelihood of disasters happening at all. Furthermore, you can ensure access to a dedicated team of professionals to help with day-to-day IT issues.

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