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Top Reasons For A Managed Service Provider

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Top Reasons For A Managed Service Provider

What are managed IT services?
Managed IT services helps businesses offload their IT management to an external company that specializes in network security, IT infrastructure, and day-to-day troubleshooting. They provide an alternative to businesses who do not have the resources to hire in-house IT teams, which can be costly in terms of financial costs, training, and software licensing.

Managed IT service providers can help reduce IT costs
By partnering with an IT service provider, you can offload the financial burden of IT management into a predictable and lower cost than if you had inhouse IT.
Instead of spending on training staff and providing all the necessary tools, instead simply allow the service provider to handle the infrastructure for you.


Enabling Work-From-Home
With the current COVID situation, many Canadians continue to work at home. With this new remote workforce, it becomes increasingly important to secure the remote connections and VPNs as they can become potential waypoints in your organization’s network.
Managed services provide all the services that an organization would require to set up and maintain remote connections, including customized firewalls, network monitoring, VPN deployment, intrusion prevention, and more.

Fast and Affordable Cyberattack Response
One of the major advantages of employing a MSP for your organization is access to a team of cybersecurity professionals in the event of a cyberattack. IT companies have years of experience managing firewalls with customized solutions, securing VPNs, and monitoring networks for suspicious behavior. Furthermore, data protection and data loss recovery are also areas that are covered by IT professionals.
With COVID-19 and remote work becoming commonplace in the Canadian workforce, cybersecurity incidents pertaining to data breaches have become more common as well. The increased amount of remote connections has lead to a higher risk of breach. The Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity therefore recommends that organizations stay vigilant in their cybersecurity defense measures, especially for organizations in the health industry. In July of last year, the Centre for Cyber Security announced that several organizations had been compromised due to inadequate security, specifically, due to lack of multifactor authentication or from unpatched servers.
In these times, it is extremely beneficial to have a full team of IT professionals assist your organization in monitoring your systems and keeping them protected from potential threats.
In a recent study, KPMG has found that phishing attacks make up the majority of cyberattacks, encompassing around 38%. Some other types of cyberattacks included spear phishing, data breaches, and malware attacks.
Furthermore, the survey also discovered that 84% of Canadians would use another business with any organization that has suffered a data breach before. Hartaj Nijjar, KPMG Partner, notes that these findings show that data breaches during the COVID-19 Pandemic have undermined the trust that Canadians put into companies that have suffered cyberattacks in the past.
In the current cybersecurity climate, it is essential that you keep your data safe. With a managed service provider, you have a specialized It team at your disposal to assist with designing and managing a customized infrastructure for your needs. Furthermore, MSPs are able to help monitor for and remediate cyberattack incidents.
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