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Tips to Get the Best Office IT Support

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Tips to Get the Best Office IT Support

Tips to Get the Best Office IT Support

Tips to Get the Best Office IT Support

It’s really important to have reliable and effective office IT support systems. Getting the IT help you need, when you need it will ensure business continuity and significantly boost productivity. We’ll share a few tips to simplify the process of getting the IT help you need at the workplace.

Come up with a FAQ section

FAQ sections are created to help users help themselves. They provide basic information to solve common issues and concerns that users may be experiencing. This section can be updated overtime to ensure it caters to emerging issues. It’s one way to ensure that the office IT support team is not overwhelmed by support tickets that are frequent and have similar resolutions.
Provide different modes of communication

How are you able to access the IT support team in your office? To maintain efficiency, IT support needs to be accessible via email or phone number. In smaller and mid-sized organizations, there can be a go to person who has the capacity and capability to handle the issue. You should be able to explain the exact problem you’re experiencing briefly and get the help you need. The other option is to allow remote sessions with IT staff in order to have access to your computer screen and see what’s really going on.

Have strict time frames for resolving issues

When IT support issues are not resolved on time, you risk experiencing losses in your business. That’s why timing is just as important as how well the issue is resolved. Though most IT support teams will promise to resolve issues within the fastest time possible, the delays can create more harm than good. It’s important to set aside company guidelines on how IT support issues should be resolved including the time frame given.

Always provide feedback

If you have any poor experience with your IT system or any part of the infrastructure, it’s always important to provide feedback to the support team. After all, if they notice a certain system is experiencing failure too often, they may recommend a replacement or update. It is important to have effective and efficient IT systems even before you hire a support team that you can trust to do their level best. Explaining to the support team what went wrong and how you think it could have been avoided can help you to avoid similar issues from occurring in future.

Take steps to boost security

Simple measures like turning on all automatic updates and making sure you check disclosures or license agreements before installing software can go along way in securing your PC at the workplace. Your IT support team will offer you all the help you need to adequately secure your computer. From getting stronger passwords to staying away from illegal or pirated software, your PC needs to be properly secured by making a few changes. At gigE, we always help you make the right changes to enjoy the benefits of a reliable office IT support team and achieve your business goals.


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