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Types of Threats That Can Be Mitigated With Data Backup

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Types of Threats That Can Be Mitigated With Data Backup

Data Backup is the practice of creating redundant copies of your important files as a failsafe in case the original copies become corrupted or destroyed. It is one of the most important aspects of a thorough cybersecurity strategy, and can help protect against many types of attacks and disasters. This article aims to provide an overview of the many advantages that come with employing data backup in your organization’s IT management.


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Ransomware Attacks
Ransomware has become one of the most widespread cyberattack strains in recent years. In this type of attack, a malicious actor compromises your organization by locking important files behind a ransom wall, demanding a ransom to be paid for its safe release. Sometimes, attackers also threaten to release the locked information to the public as further leverage against victims.

In the case of a ransomware attack, one of the most devastating impacts comes from the financial and productivity loss of data being inaccessible. Company functions on a day-to-day basis can come to a complete stop if client files cannot be accessed, resulting in client loss, reputational damage, and financial loss.

If a victim of a ransomware attack has data backups of the information that they require, oftentimes the majority of the company’s functions can be restored much quicker, reducing the damage caused by the cyberattack, and leverage held by the attacker.

Accidental Damage to Hardware
Accidents happen – from spilled coffee on laptops to unexpected hard drive failure, data is always in danger of being lost, even if a cyberattacker is not involved. Data backup can be a great mitigation factor to reduce the damage that is caused should files be accidentally destroyed or deleted.

A thorough backup of important files can allow a user to instantly restore lost data without having to go through lengthy processes of troubleshooting and data retrieval from broken hard drives. This can result in reduced downtime for your organization, and overall more robust business continuity.

Types of Data Backup

There are many types of data backup that can be used to protect your organization’s information, each with their own advantages. One of the most popular strategies used today is through cloud backups. In a cloud backup, information is stored off site on cloud providers’ servers, such as at Google, Amazon, or Microsoft. Cloud backups are highly secure due to the information being protected by these organizations’ security protocols.

An alternative to cloud backups is local backups – in this case, data is duplicated and stored on servers at your office location. An advantage of this type of backup is that issues can more easily be troubleshooted internally without requiring the help of cloud provider technicians. However, it is more susceptible to disasters such as floods and fires in your office building, which could destroy the original and redundant copies all at once.

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