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netherlands university clop ransomware

Maastricht University Hit By Clop Ransomware, Pays $220 000 USD for Decryption

Netherlands’ Maastricht University was hit by a ransomware attack on December 23rd, 2019. The university paid the cyberattackers 30 bitcoins, worth at around $220 000 USD, in order to restore the infected computers to working conditions. The ransomware malware strain, called “Clop ransomware”, encrypted 267 of the university’s Windows servers, including backups. The University’s full…
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Ransomware Protection

Make your Business Safe From Ransomware Attack

3 Preventive Measures To Make your Business Safe From Ransomware Attack What is a Ransomware? A ransomware is a malicious software, that encrypts computer files preventing users to access their files or that threatens to publish the victim's data and asks for ransom payment to not publish the data or decrypt or unlock the files…
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What is a Server OS Update?

    BACK   Why are Server O.S. Updates Important To Your Company? A server system is the heart of a company’s I.T. life. It often contains many, if not all company files, and acts as the central core that all company computers are connected to. A slowdown of such a system would therefore mean…
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server os update gige it solutions

Server OS Update

 Outdated server Operating Systems not only inhibit the efficiency of a company’s operation through ineffective hardware usage, but also present security risks due to lack of updated patch support. GigE Solutions provides OS upgrade services to solve such issues, and provides virtualization of physical servers, which further increases operation efficiency and reduces server usage…
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