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Watch Out! Supply Chain Attacks are on the Rise

In a recent report, Microsoft has stated that supply chain attacks have become an increasingly pressing concern for cybersecurity professionals. What are Supply Chain Attacks? Computer software is constantly updated by developers. These are released to the public through cycles of patches. A supply Chain Attack is a type of cyberattack that infiltrates a victim’s…
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This is why WannaCry is still a threat

The WannaCry malware saw its peak infections on May 12th 2017, during which 300 000 computers across 150 countries were affected. This piece of malicious software locks computer data behind ransomwalls and demands Bitcoin payments for the release of this information. However payment of this ransom does not even guarantee the safe release of the…
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Why Zero Day Recovery is Essential to your Company’s Security

The Zero-Day-Recovery Cybersecurity Strategy One of the most immediate and adverse effects of a malware attack is the potential for the affected company to come to a complete productive halt. This is the case for all sorts of malware ranging from data-stealing Trojans to data-locking ransomware. Every moment that a company spends offline to deal…
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Why Protecting Your Server is Critical to your Company’s Cybersecurity

A server is a computer that is connected to other systems in a company through either the internet or a local network, and that dedicates its resources to ‘serving’ these computers. Because of this, servers are in constant communication with all company systems, storing, processing, and communicating data. Due to the fact that they are…
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DDoS Attack

How DDoS Attacks Affects SMEs

How DDoS Attacks Affects SMEs Under Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS, a type of cyber attack, the website of a business experiences outages or unexpected downtime. The targeted site runs slow or becomes inaccessible. Attackers, do not limit themselves to large organizations but they also attack the small and medium-sized enterprises or SMEs. In…
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