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Increase in Cyberattacks Targeting Cloud Applications

COVID-19 has caused many businesses to adopt cloud applications to keep up company productivity. Cloud applications are programs and digital tools that are hosted in the internet and allow for easy collaborative workflows and communication. A prime example of a cloud application is Microsoft’s Office 365 suite. It brings the well-known Office applications such as…
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The Emotet Trojan Malware Is Spreading Through Wifi

The Trojan malware strain known as Emotet has been in circulation ever since 2014. Early versions of the malware aimed to steal sensitive information or credentials after infecting victims’ computers. Up until recently, it was believed that the only way that Emotet trojan could infect a computer was through malicious email links. However, it was…
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Microsoft Exposed 250 Million Customer Support Logs

Microsoft recently announced that customer data was leaked following a permissions misconfiguration in its internal systems. The misconfiguration occurred on December 5th 2019. It was repaired on December 29th after Cybersecurity Professional Bob Diachenko discovered the leak and alerted the company on that same day. Microsoft assured the public that most of its sensitive data…
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The Most Dangerous Software Errors Have Been Identified

American Not-for-profit research organization MITRE has published their 2019 report for the “Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors”. In their report, MITRE placed buffer flaws and cross-site scripting at the top of their list. The CWE list of top 25 most dangerous software errors is a useful reference for software developers and cybersecurity professionals when…
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Florida’s Lake City and Riviera Beach City Hit by Ransomware, Pays $500 000 each for Decryption

The list of ransomware victims continues to grow. Florida’s Lake City and Riviera Beach City have both fallen victim to cyberattack. Both cities have been forced to pay $500 000 each to the attackers in attempts to unlock the encrypted files. On June 5th, the City of Riviera Beach released an official announcement stating that…
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IT Services Company HCL Suffers Data-Leak, Quickly Recovers

HCL, a multibillion dollar company with over 100 000 employees, has suffered a data leak of sensitive customer and employee information. The leak was discovered on May 1st 2019 by a research team in UpGuard. Information that was leaked included employee information, customer information, and company project details. For employees of the company, names, IDs,…
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Reporting Data Breaches: Do you need to do it?

Hong Kong’s flag carrier, Cathay Pacific, has been the latest in the long list of companies affected by major digital data breaches. It was reported that the sensitive data of over 9.4 million customers were compromised due to the incident. Over 400 expired credit card numbers, and 27 active cards (without CVV information) were leaked.…
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Network Separation: Is it an Impenetrable Security Measure?

A major malware attack against Singapore’s Health Service sector has motivated the Singaporean Government to adopt a new strategy for protecting these systems from future cyber threats. The security measure that will be employed is called “Network Separation”, and involves completely disconnecting computers from the internet.   The Cyberattack on SingHealth SingHealth, short for Singapore…
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Why Protecting Your Server is Critical to your Company’s Cybersecurity

A server is a computer that is connected to other systems in a company through either the internet or a local network, and that dedicates its resources to ‘serving’ these computers. Because of this, servers are in constant communication with all company systems, storing, processing, and communicating data. Due to the fact that they are…
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Best Practices Against The New “Spectre” And “Meltdown” Cyberthreats

Best Practices Against The New “Spectre” And “Meltdown” Cyberthreats The cybersecurity threats “Spectre” and “Meltdown” were first discovered January of this year as vulnerabilities that allowed attackers to gain access to sensitive information on computers using modern Intel, AMD, or ARM CPUs. While the name “Spectre” included Variants 1 and 2 of the vulnerability, “Meltdown”…
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