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Phishing Scams: what are they, and how do you protect yourself?

Phishing scams are a type of cyberattack that is designed to steal sensitive data such as login credentials and credit card information. The term ‘phishing’ originates from the word ‘fishing’, due to the cyberattack strategy using ‘baits’ to lure out victims. Often, phishing scams will be distributed through fraudulent email addresses that direct users to…
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How to Prepare for the Upcoming Data Privacy Act

The Canadian government has set November 1st as the official date that the new Digital Privacy Act will be implemented. On this day, all private Canadian organizations will need to ensure that they have adhered to the rules defined by this new act. The document outlines regulations regarding the protocols of handling data breaches –…
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Ransomware has been Ravaging Canadian Towns: How Can You Protect Yourself?

The Canadian Ransomware Incidents The town of Midland Canada has recently been ravaged by the aftermath of a ransomware attack. Ransomware is a type of malicious cyberattack that locks sensitive data on your computer behind ransom-walls. Attackers then demand payment in the form of physical or digital currency for the safe release of this information.…
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6 Critical Practices that improve your Company Cybersecurity

Company cybersecurity should be of upmost importance to any organization. Protecting sensitive data and client information is essential to building customer trust. A recent report conducted by the Centre for Internet Security (CIS) has found that many of today’s companies are neglecting simple cybersecurity practices. In the study, named “State of Cyber Hygiene Report”, over…
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How do you protect yourself against CEO Fraud?

CEO Fraud, or Business E-Mail Compromise (BEC), is an e-mail scam that aims to trick business employees into transferring money or sending sensitive information to a fraudulent account. In a recent study conducted by the Internet Crime Complaint Centre, it was found that these email scams have resulted in financial damages of more than $5…
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How to Protect Yourself from the Struts Vulnerability

It has recently been discovered that a vulnerability in Apache Struts may have left many organizations open to cyberattack. Struts is an application used by many companies to create their web based programs. The vulnerability, which was discovered by Semmle researcher Man Yue Mo allows for cyberattackers to gain access to a corporate network through…
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Are your organization’s fax machines security vulnerabilities?

It has recently been discovered by Check Point researchers that fax machines contain cyber-vulnerabilities that allow attackers to infiltrate your network using only a fax number. Given that many companies today still use fax machines, and that fax numbers are publicly provided contact information, this new exploit poses a major vulnerability concern to thousands of…
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