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Microsoft Urges Users To Patch Windows To Defend Against BlueKeep Exploits

To protect yourself from ongoing BlueKeep exploit attacks, Microsoft urges users with systems running Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2 to update their operating systems. BlueKeep is a vulnerability with the ‘worm’ capability. This means that the malware can spread itself to other vulnerable computers on the network without additional input…
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Are your organization’s fax machines security vulnerabilities?

It has recently been discovered by Check Point researchers that fax machines contain cyber-vulnerabilities that allow attackers to infiltrate your network using only a fax number. Given that many companies today still use fax machines, and that fax numbers are publicly provided contact information, this new exploit poses a major vulnerability concern to thousands of…
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This is why WannaCry is still a threat

The WannaCry malware saw its peak infections on May 12th 2017, during which 300 000 computers across 150 countries were affected. This piece of malicious software locks computer data behind ransomwalls and demands Bitcoin payments for the release of this information. However payment of this ransom does not even guarantee the safe release of the…
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