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Outdated server Operating Systems not only inhibit the efficiency of a company’s operation through ineffective hardware usage, but also present security risks due to lack of updated patch support. GigE IT Solutions provides OS upgrade services to solve such issues, and provides virtualization of physical servers, which further increases operation efficiency and reduces server usage costs.
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GigE IT Solutions’ staff is highly experienced in the correct complete installation of company server systems, including the physical set-up of server racks, operating system installation, and download of updates. Therefore, our team is able to provide you with O.S. upgrade services that stand out in their superior efficiency and reliability.


Physical Set-up of Server Rack

Installation of physical components required to update company server

Set-up of Base Operating System

Initial installation of required updates

Verification of System Status and Data Integrity

and the testing of new backup procedures

On-going IT Support Services and Maintenance

Ensures that the system is flexible to keep up with future changes to your company


A server system is the heart of a company’s I.T. life. It often contains many, if not all company files, and acts as the central core that all company computers are connected to. A slowdown of such a system would therefore mean a slowdown of the company as a whole. Often, inefficiencies that begin to occur are caused by an aging operating system (OS), which inhibits the utilization efficiency of a server’s components.

An OS is the fundamental program of a computer system. It acts as the interface between the components of a computer and its user, and acts as the ground on which other programs operate. However, like any other program, it requires constant updates from its developer to keep up with new components or software. For instance, Windows OS receives periodic updates from Microsoft which improve its stability, efficiency, and security.

However, when a developer cuts further support to an end-of-life operating system, it not only becomes a cause of major slowdown due to inefficient use of hardware, but it also becomes a security liability, as hackers would be able to take advantage of vulnerabilities that are no longer being addressed by its programmers. As such, it is imperative to keep the operating systems on company systems updated, to ensure efficient operation, as well as data security.

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Operating System (OS)
The most fundamental computer software that allows for its basic operations, and bridges people to components with a user interface

Patch Support
Patches are software used to update programs and operating systems, improving stability and fixing security flaws

Server Rack Setup
The physical setup of server systems on their shelves

Virtualization of Physical Servers

The division of a single physical server into multiple individual environments

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