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What is Security Best Practice?

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What is Security Best Practice?





What are IT Security Best Practices?


Company integrity hinges on its ability to protect confidential or critical information from cyberattacks. ¬†Failure to do so will result in irreparable damage to a customer’s trust in the stability of an organization. As such, informational security should be of utmost importance to any company in the contemporary corporate world. There are many IT security best practices that can help your company improve its protection against cyberattack immediately.


Keep your machines up-to-date

Software engineers are constantly releasing new patches that repair vulnerabilities as they become discovered by researchers and cybercriminals. It is important to keep your company’s systems running the latest versions of their software to ensure that you are not at risk against known vulnerabilities.


Educate your employees on Phishing

One of the most used methods of infecting a company computer with malware is phishing. This is when an employee is tricked into clicking a malicious link in a fake email attachment. It is important to ensure that your employees are well versed in common tell-tale signs of a phishing email. You can learn more about strategies for detecting phishing in our article here.


Cyberattacks can take many forms, including informational ransom, stolen financial or customer data, or phishing attempts. While some attempts are relatively blatant, there are many potential vulnerabilities that are often invisible to the untrained eye, and require I.T. professionals to recognize and handle. Furthermore, company security transcends digital protective measures, and must also consider internal strategies of employee and data access monitoring and control.


GigE’s team of professional technicians are highly experienced in the deployment of protective measures against attacks to your company’s sensitive data. Any strategy for digital security must be wholly thorough, and our process ensures complete and total protection. We begin by identifying the most pressing security issues of your company through meticulous analysis of your I.T. back office. Following this, we propose optimal security strategies that we believe should be employed to best protect your specific needs. Finally, we provide on-going 24/7 monitoring support and patch management to future proof the security solution that we employ.



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