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Remote Connections Can Become Security Vulnerabilities. How Can You Protect Your Network?

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Remote Connections Can Become Security Vulnerabilities. How Can You Protect Your Network?

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What are the dangers of remote connections?

Remote work, which relies on establishing a secure connection between an employee’s home computer and the company network, can become a security vulnerability if left without any security measures. The security risks associated with remote work are not limited to cyberattackers that are trying to access your network maliciously. IT can also cover careless or negligent employee practices that lead to unintentional data leaks. An example of this is a misconfigured connection that lets unauthorized users gain access to the company’s data without proper credentials.


What are some strategies to help you protect your network against the dangers of remote connections?

Remote connections are inherently dangerous. Introducing a connection into a network can create a potential attack point. To minimize your exposure, practice network segmentation. Network segmentation is the cybersecurity best practice that involves dividing your network into disconnected sections. This ensures that even if one segment of your network becomes infected, the other areas are still secure.

Virtual Private networks remain an effective way of protecting connections that you set up between home computers and company networks. They are also a useful tool for protecting a connection that you make between your home computer and work environment be more secure, as they basically simulate a private connection over a public network such as the internet.

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