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Securing Your Accounts Using Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

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Securing Your Accounts Using Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is one of the most impactful cybersecurity strategies that any organization can employ to improve their security. Traditionally, credentials that are needed to access a secure account include a username and password. In recent times, this combination of security information has become inadequate to protecting sensitive data against cyberattacks. This is due to the rapid increase of computing power and the subsequent rise if a cyberattack strategy known as brute force attacks.

Implement Your Security Solution
In a brute force attack, a cyberattacker attempts to gain access to your account by attempting every combination of username and password available. While this used to be impossible with manual efforts, automation has increased the danger of this type of attack significantly in recent years.
MFA is an effective security counter to brute force attacks. In an MFA-protected account, users require a second level of authentication in addition to their username and password combination. Often, a device such as a mobile phone is associated to the account. Upon logging in, a one-time authentication code will be sent to this device, which will need to be entered into the login box to successfully sign in. This prevents a cyberattacker from gaining access to an account even if they do have access to compromised credentials.

Alternate methods of authentication are sometimes also used, including notifications sent to an authentication app, or biometric security such as fingerprints or FaceID.
While MFA enabled accounts are more secure than accounts only secured with a username and password, it is essential to remain vigilant to suspicious activity on your sensitive accounts. Software vulnerabilities have previously been identified by Proofpoint in which attackers can bypass MFA security protocols and gain access to Microsoft cloud accounts.

Use MFA In Conjunction With Additional Security Measures
Like many other cybersecurity measures, MFA shines when used in combination with other security strategies to ensure your sensitive data remains secure. For example, consider restricting access to sensitive documents to a small number of need-to-know accounts in order to reduce the risk of exposure if a breach occurs. Furthermore, utilizing VPNs can add another layer of security to your organization’s network, further reducing the risk of cyberattack.

Educate Staff On Phishing Signs

Educating your staff on common cyberattack trends is an essential aspect of any cybersecurity strategy. By providing your staff with the tools to identify phishing scams, the risk of users inadvertently downloading malicious files or clicking on fake links is significantly reduced.

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