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Server OS Update Key Terms

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Server OS Update Key Terms





Operating System (OS)

The most fundamental computer software that allows for its basic operations, and bridges people to components with a user interface

OS Updates

Software patches that repair security flaws and bugs for operating systems.

Patch Support

Patches are software used to update programs and operating systems, improving stability and fixing security flaws


Server Rack Setup

The physical setup of server systems on their shelves


Virtualization of Physical Servers

The division of a single physical server into multiple individual environments




Why do companies need to update their servers?

Operating systems like Windows 10 and MacOS are, like any other software, vulnerable to cyberattack. Cyberattackers are constantly discovering new vulnerabilities that can be exploited. To counter this, once a new exploit has been discovered, software developers work to repair them with updates to the software’s code. These updates can only be rolled out to end users through security patches. Therefore, neglecting these updates will leave your organization’s computers vulnerable to cyberattack.

While it seems, on paper, that keeping your organization’s servers and computers up to date is a simple task, in reality it is actually tedious and time consuming. Not only do you need to constantly monitor and stay on top of cybersecurity news to be informed about current threats and new patches, but it is common for software incompatibility or failed installations to plague the patching process. Patch management needs to be diligently managed to ensure that patches are always applied in a timely manner.

OS updates are essential to your company’s cybersecurity. don’t leave yourself vulnerable. GIGE’s cybersecurity experts can audit and identify out-of-date software in your company’s servers, and help you rectify its vulnerabilities.

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