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Office 365 Migration Service with GIGE

How Does an Office 365 Migration Help Your Business?

The Office 365 suite of applications scales seamlessly according to your company, significantly reducing costs. Also, by being hosted on the cloud, Office 365 also reduces maintenance costs. The programs are the ones you know and love – Word, Powerpoint, Publisher and more – but with increased productivity and tools for collaboration.

Our Office 365 Migration Services

 Below are some of our Office 365 Migration services . For more information, don’t hesitate to call us at 888 366 4443 or email us at!

Email Migration

GigE can help your company migrate its mailboxes to the cloud. This will cut your maintenance costs and simplify the admin management of your email boxes. Furthermore, it allows you to scale your mailboxes seamlessly, and improves security

Skype for Business Optimization

Significantly reduce your communications maintenance cost. Many companies are not using the most optimized Skype for Business plans, leading to large amounts of wasted money.

OneDrive Migration 

We can migrate all your company drives and folders into the Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage. Not only will this increase productivity, but it will also increase the security of your important data

Complete Sharepoint Setup

We know that setting up Sharepoint can be daunting. Let us help you design and optimize your Sharepoint config so you can both save money and increase productivity!

Microsoft Calling Plans

Dated phone systems can result in huge financial wastage for your company. We can help you save thousands dollars by optimizing your phone systems with Microsoft Calling Plans

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