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Effectiveness in communication in an organization is essential to a seamless workflow, and is often reliant on its email systems. Inefficiencies within these infrastructural networks would inevitably result in the inhibition of a company’s overall productivity. GigE IT Services provides a variety of services to both optimize and maintain the integrity of your company’s network infrastructure. our Networking Solutions are robust and trustworthy


GigE IT Solutions’ staff of experienced IT support technicians have years of expertise in developing efficient and reliable networking solutions. We strive to apply our extensive knowledge in the field to help organizations maximize workflow through personalized and supported network design, that are refined through close collaboration with your specific company.


Migration of Email Systems

cloud based support for increased efficiency in managing company communications

The setup of VPN

(Virtual Private Network) services, allowing users to both access their files from anywhere in the office, and remotely connect to their office computer from any remote location

Improvement of Team File Sharing

Our IT support technicians set up storage systems for increased company efficiency

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Server setup services

Migration of Company Mailboxes

To new platforms, such as Office 365

How Can Networking Solutions Help Your Company?

In today’s world, Networking has become a standardized medium of communication. Within a company, it is used as a major bridge between employees, and to customers. As such, the platform on which a company’s e-mail systems runs is essential to its maximum efficiency. If a company is hosting its own e-mail systems on an aging server, it results in company-wide decreases in productivity. GigE IT Solutions provides IT services to optimize your networking infrastructure through migration services to new cloud-based platforms, to increase your company’s efficiency.

In addition to this, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are a technology that allow for employees to access their office work from a remote location. Through this, company efficiency can be further increased by improving the flexibility that employees have to continue their work. GigE IT Solutions also provides IT services to install and provide on-going monitoring and IT support to your mailboxes to maximize your productive workflow. Get started with our networking solutions today and save on IT costs.

For digital offices, VPNs and RDP (Remote desktop connections) are essential for your employees to be able to connect to company resources and work collaboratively. Furthermore, cloud applications such as Office 365 can also maximize remote employee productivity. It is essential to secure these connections, as they can become security vulnerabilities if they are not properly set up.

Remote Connection Solutions


Cloud Based Email Systems
Service-based email network which alleviates the need for hosting the server from local company hardware

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
The standard method of transferring files from one computer to another through the internet

Remote Connection
The ability to access a computer’s files and programs from another remote location

Team File Sharing
Distribution of digital files between multiple employees

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Services
The creation of encrypted connections in non-secure networks, for the protection of sensitive data

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