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The Main Benefits of Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

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The Main Benefits of Multifactor Authentication (MFA)


Multifactor authentication has become one of the most widely used strategies for securing your account. Through recent increases of computing power, brute force attacks have an increasingly dangerous cyberthreat against your data. In short, a brute force attack involves an attacker gaining access to a secure account by systematically guessing every possible combination of username and password available.

Multifactor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your organization’s data by ensuring that your accounts cannot simply be hacked through compromised credentials. Instead, logins from any unfamiliar device will need to be authenticated further through the use of a one-time code, authenticator notification, or digital key.  This strategy ensures that an attacker that has your username and password combination would not be able to gain access to your account, due to the fact that they would not have access to your secondary device. This article aims to provide some advantages for implementing MFA with your organization.


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Security Compliance
Many industries have data handling compliance guidelines that outline minimum security measures that need to be in place to protect and store sensitive client information. Failure to adhere to these polices can result in financial reputation, and legal problems for an organization.

Multifactor authentication is an effective method of adding additional security to your organization’s data, ensuring that it is protected against unwanted eyes. By using this method of security, organizations can avoid potential issues that can arise should an attack occur that compromises their data.

Customizable based on security Requirements

Multifactor authentication has the potential to go beyond tradition 2 factor authentication by adding more layers of security. Instead of just the credentials and an authenticator app, MFA also allows for further authentication methods such as phone calls or one-time passwords to be required to add additional security. While this may be unnecessary for files or accounts accessed on a day-to-day basis, it can be used to add even more security to information that needs to be kept critically secure.

Easily Implemented
For many cloud based platforms such as Microsoft Office or the Google Suite, Multifactor authentication is an in-built part of their authentication system. This means that your organization can deploy it without any additional resources required. Simply manage the log-in requirements through your administrative management account and notify employees on the proper procedure to set up their external device.

Combine with other Cybersecurity Strategies
As with any cybersecurity strategy, multifactor authentication is more effective when it is paired with other strategies to protect your data. In the case of MFA, it can be effectively combined with firewalls, cloud data backup, password management, or any other strategy that requires authentication of any kind. Protecting any of these accounts with multifactor authentication reduces the chance that they are compromised, and can increase your resistance against cyberattack strategies such as ransomware and trojans.

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