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How MSPs Help You Stay Up-To-Date

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How MSPs Help You Stay Up-To-Date

Outdated IT equipment can be one of the most dangerous security vulnerabilities that threaten your organization. Not only is outdated software and hardware a risk in terms of cybersecurity, but it can also impact workflows through system slowdowns, as well as unexpected downtimes and maintenance costs.
While investing in updating your hardware can be a difficult upfront cost to justify, leaving outdated systems can result in devastating results in the future. Researching and purchasing IT equipment to integrate with your environment can be a tedious and time consuming process however, which discourages many small organizations from doing so.

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Working together with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can take this burden off your company. An MSP can assist your organization by providing expert analysis on the state of your current infrastructure, identifying the most pressing issues, and providing recommendations on upgrade paths. In the long run, working with an MSP can help you save both time and money managing your IT.

Both Software and Hardware Are Equally Important
Aging software can lead to vulnerabilities in your network environment, increasing risk of cyberattacks and data breaches. Additionally, out-of-date software can result in incompatibilities with your systems’ operating systems or other software, impeding workflows.
Aging hardware can also lead to devastating impacts for your organization. A failing hard drive can result in significant data loss, and broken or aging network equipment can lead to connection slowdowns, reducing the productivity of your employees.
Working with an MSP can assist with maintaining your equipment, through services such as server operating system updates, or end user system update management.

Always Prioritize Cybersecurity Updates
All businesses are constantly faced with the threat of cyberattack. From strains such as ransomware to trojan attacks and botnets, our data is constant under threat of theft. In light of this, it is essential to always stay up-to-date with cybersecurity patches to protect your organization from intrusion.
Software vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered by cybersecurity professionals. Developers then release fixes to these vulnerabilities through software patches. If a patch is not installed promptly, the known vulnerability will be left open for attack.

Backup Your Data
Keeping secure and up-to-date backups of your data can be an effective method of safeguarding your organization from downtime. Should this data be compromised or accidentally deleted, you can immediately retrieve up-to-date copies and continue normal workflow.

Be Aware Of Compliance Requirements
Various industries have different compliance requirements for data handling. It is essential to become familiar with these guidelines and ensuring that your IT infrastructure follows them. Failing to comply with compliance regulations can result in fines as well as loss of reputation for your organization.

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