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The Main Benefits of Partnering with an MSP

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The Main Benefits of Partnering with an MSP

IT infrastructure acts as the backbone to any company in today’s digital world. It encompasses all aspects of an organization’s digital equipment, including both software and hardware.

With such a complex network of equipment working together, it is not uncommon for IT issues to appear on a day-to-day basis, inhibiting overall productivity. While larger organizations may have the financial resources for a full team of internal IT employees, many small-to-midsized organizations face the challenge of managing these issues internally.


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Partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) can be a cost and time efficient way of ensuring that IT issues never become the reason that your organization falls behind. By partnering with a team of professional technicians, you can focus your resources on excelling in your respective industry. This article aims to provide some of the main benefits of partnering with an MSP.

Improve IT Security
Cybercrime is a constant and immediate threat to any organization. From ransomware to trojans and phishing attacks, your data is always under the threat of being accessed or leaked by malicious individuals. Protecting your clients’ sensitive information should be an upmost priority of any organization, as failure to do so can result in irreparable reputational or financial damage.
Managed service providers can help your company design and manage its IT security, from managing antivirus software to procuring and managing firewall appliances, and system monitoring. Having a team of cybersecurity professionals always ensuring that you are protected against cybercriminals can be one of the best ways of ensuring that you won’t fall victim to cyberattack.

Hardware Management
Eventually, all hardware becomes obsolete. From desktops to network equipment, slowdowns and instability can be caused by failing hardware including hard drives or motherboards.
If left unchecked, these issues can develop into complete failures, resulting in data loss or loss of network connectivity. Furthermore, outdated systems can also leave your organization open to cyberattack if they have passed their End-of-Life (EOL) date.
MSPs can help you inventory and manage your organization’s computer hardware, ensuring that you are never in danger of losing data or vulnerable to attack.


Offload Day-to-Day Troubleshooting

IT issues can often occur on a day-to-day basis, from printers not working to computers randomly disconnecting from the network. Having to troubleshoot these issues yourself can be a time consuming and frustrating process if your team does not have the technical expertise. In addition, per-incident IT services can be expensive, making it an unviable option for many organizations. MSPs can help you handle your day-to-day IT issues through a dedicated IT helpdesk available to your team at any time. With GIGE Corporation, for example, you can gain access to a team of professionals with a 30-minute guaranteed response time to any issue you may encounter. We ensure that a technician is working on your issue quickly and efficiently, with robust escalation matrices to ensure that the perfect technician is working on your specific problem at any time.

Don’t fall victim to cyberattack. GIGE corporation as over 30 years of experience managing Canadian organizations’ IT infrastructure. Call us at +1 888 366 4443 or email info@gige.ca to get started with us today.

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