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10.6 Million Customer Records Leaked by MGM Resorts

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10.6 Million Customer Records Leaked by MGM Resorts


Over 10.6 million customer data records were leaked by the MGM Resorts Hotel in a recent data breach.

Information that was leaked to the public included customer addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and email addresses. The information was posted publicly on a hacking forum.

In the post-leak security audit, MGM discovered that the breach was caused by an unauthorized individual gaining access to one of the company’s cloud servers in the summer of 2019.

In a statement, MGM assured the public that credit card information or password data was leaked in the incident.

Best practices if your personal data has been leaked

In today’s information environment, it is almost impossible to avoid becoming the victim of data leaks such as the above incident. However, what are some damage mitigations steps that you can take if you are notified that your data has been exposed?

Monitor your accounts diligently

Constantly monitor your inboxes, as companies will often notify account holders of suspicious logins from unfamiliar locations. If you receive an email that your account has been accessed from an unfamiliar location or device, change your credentials and log out of all other locations immediately.

Using 2 factor authentication

If your password was among information that was leaked, it is important to update any other accounts that share the same password. As an additional security measure, it is also best practice to enable 2 factor authentication on your accounts, as they will prevent a cyberattacker from entering your account even if they are in possession of your login credentials. To read more about 2 factor authentication and password management, read our article here.

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