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How to Maximize your VoIP Systems

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How to Maximize your VoIP Systems

VoIP (Voice over IP) systems hold several distinct advantages over traditional analog systems. But after your new VoIP infrastructure is set up, how do you maximize the usage of its features? This article aims to provide some tips on getting the most out of these systems.

1. Familiarize the team with the new features
For some employees, migrating to a new VoIP platform can be intimidating, as it often comes with a wealth of new features. It is important to design an employee training program and provide resources for the team in order to ensure that they understand the new workflows and features that accompany the VoIP telephony system. It is helpful to hold these training sessions both before and after the systems are migrated, to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Furthermore, training should be customized for each department’s workflows – the finance department may be affected differently than sales. Without proper training, productivity may be negatively impacted after the transition.

2. Ensure that the VoIP hardware is of good quality
It is important to conduct research on the best set of equipment for your organization before investing in VoIP hardware. Higher quality equipment may provide an overall better experience and value in the long term for your organization due to features such as better audio and video quality, programmable functions, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Implement VoIP for your Organization

3. Use VoIP mobile app functions
One important feature of VoIP Systems that often goes underused is the mobile app. An advantage of VoIP over analog systems is the flexibility of taking calls from any device, not just the office phones. Simply install the associated mobile app on your device and you will be able to talk clients or team members through the VoIP connection even while out of the office.

4. Using Direct Inward Dialing to manage calls
Direct Inward Dialing (DID) is a useful VoIP feature that allows for a number to be assigned to employees without using individual phone lines. This ensure that customers can be connected with appropriate contacts without needing to be put on hold for extended periods of time, overall providing a better customer experience.

5. Ensure to fully utilize technical support
As with any piece of IT equipment, issues can sometimes arise stemming from software or hardware problems. Instead of spending hours troubleshooting the problem yourself, ensure to partner with a managed service provider to always have access to a team of professionals trained in VoIP infrastructure management.
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