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The Many Benefits of VoIP Technology

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The Many Benefits of VoIP Technology

VoIP (Voice over IP) systems continue to expand as one of the most widely adapted technologies in today’s world. The technology brings many benefits to organizations from cost savings to productivity features.
For small to midsized businesses without an abundance of internal IT resources, migrating your existing phone infrastructure to a VoIP system may seem a daunting task. This article aims to demystify VoIP, highlighting the many ways that it can assist your business.


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Flexible Integrations

One of the biggest advantages of VoIP systems is its flexibility in integrating itself with other aspects of your communications infrastructure, streamlining processes and saving you and your team time.
Some of the technologies that VoIP can integrate with include teleconferencing software, video calling software, email, and faxing. With integrations, you can easily communicate seamlessly across software, ranging form methods such as phone calls to video conferences.

Support for Various CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a cornerstone technology of many organizations today. For organizations using CRM platforms, their information such as past conversations, ticket history, and customer contacts can often be easily transferred and integrated into VoIP software.
This helps your team reduce the effort required to transfer data between their software systems, increasing convenience and saving your team time throughout the day.

Powerful Call Forwarding
It can be difficult to track all of your incoming and outgoing business calls, especially for individuals with multiple lines or whom travel regularly. In these cases, missed calls and phone tag can be common occurrences in a day-to-day capacity.
With VoIP software, powerful and customizable call forwarding policies can be set, automatically transferring calls to other devices or even to colleagues of groups of colleagues should a phone be unreachable at any one time.
With this, you can ensure that important client calls are never left hanging, reducing friction in your business processes and increasing client satisfaction as a whole.

Easy Call Recording For Training Purposes
New front-line customer support agents can always benefit from additional training on company protocols and customer etiquette. A great resource during this period is recordings of historical calls made by previous agents.
With VoIP, call recording policies can be easily configured, creating a repository of available training resources automatically generated for your team’s use in the future.

Voicemail Transcription
Missing calls is never ideal. However, in these cases a reliable voicemail can ensure that important information does not get lost in miscommunication. Some VoIP can allow you to automatically transcribe voicemails that you receive into written text, reducing the time that you need to catch up on your missed calls.

VoIP can hold many benefits for your organization. GIGE Corporation has over 30 years helping organizations migrate and manage their communication systems. Call us at +1 888 366 4443 or email info@gige.ca to get started with us today.

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