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Managing Cloud Computing Costs

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Managing Cloud Computing Costs

Cloud computing brings many benefits to your organization from increased productivity tools to better cybersecurity for your data.
For companies that are migrating to the cloud for the first time, the costs can be a daunting element that can act as discouragement from making the jump. This article aims to provide some strategies and considerations for organizations planning on migrating.


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Auditing your current setups before purchasing your plans
one of the major benefits of cloud computing infrastructure is its scalability. Specifically, you are able to purchase seats for software as you need them, thereby reducing the amount of unused infrastructure. However, knowledge of the number of seats of type of software that your origination requires for its day-to-day activates is essential to deciding on the correct package to purchase.
One of the major mistakes made by many companies at this early stage is by neglecting to understand their requirements prior to pulling the trigger on a new cloud plan. With this, organizations may over or underestimate their purchase, leading to wasted costs or productivity stoppages during the migration process.

Provide Training to fully utilize the new features
Cloud platforms such as O365 provide lots of new features for employees to collaborate on their files. These new features can help streamline workflows, reducing the amount of time and confusion that may come with passing files through email or a variety of other platforms.
After migrating to your cloud platform, it is important to provide training to your employees to ensure that they are well-equipped to take advantage of all the new software, maximizing their productivity in the long run.

In addition, employees should also be trained regarding best-practices for keeping your cloud storages organized in an efficient way. This can assist in cybersecurity aspects such as data backup and data recovery.

Ensure that your software suite aligns with your business goals
There are many different cloud platforms available from organizations such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Each of their offerings have different advantages and disadvantages in terms of pricing, scalability, security, and productivity and collaborative features. With so many options, it can be daunting to try to select a package for your organization.

Working with a managed service provider (MSP) could assist in this process. The MSP could provide advisory services to help you articulate your specific IT needs and translate that into a migration plan onto the most appropriate platform.

Track Usage Data to identify points of wastage
After your migration, it is important to keep track of usage data in order to find any areas of your infrastructure that may be underused or bottlenecked. This can help guide your decision to reinvest your costs onto various aspects of your infrastructure ensure that no costs are being wasted.
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