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Managed IT Support Services for Toronto and Mississauga

We help manage your business IT needs

GigE Solutions has been providing IT support solutions to small-to-medium sized businesses since 1993. With over 15 000 technicians servicing across North America, there is no IT problem that we cannot solve. We are based in Mississauga, Toronto, and pride ourselves on our guaranteed, 30-minute response time helpdesk services. Does your company need to backup its data, migrate to the cloud, or set-up internet security? We are the company for you.

Below you can find some of the services that we can provide for you

Internet Services

At GigE, we know that a smooth internet connection is essential to your company’s productivity. Our expert technicians have years of experience designing and servicing internet networks for businesses. We are able to provide both remote and on-site tech service for you, depending on the type of project or problem that you have. Need to set-up internet in a new office? We are also able to provide complete turnkey installation for your new location. Our Internet Services are both affordable and fast.

Data Backup Support

Losing data can be devastating for your company. Our data is always at risk of corruption, cyberattack, or hardware failure. Our highly qualified cadre of technicians can help you backup your data remotely or on the cloud to make sure you are protected. With all the backup options available, it can be intimidating deciding which to pursue. Our IT Support Services include expert consulting to ensure you don’t pay for services you don’t need!

Security Services

Our data is under constant attack from cyberattackers. From Trojans to Ransomware, there are many threats that can potentially damage your company’s reputation. We can help you design and manage your company’s internet security to ensure that you never fall victim to cyberattack. 

What makes GigE’s IT Support Services stand out?

GigE prides itself on its guaranteed 30-minute response time to any IT problem that you may be facing. From internet and e-mail failure to printer problems, our technicians can diagnose and resolve it for you quickly and reliably. Our IT support services include both on-site deployment and remote connection services depending on the problem you are facing.


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