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Cybercrime has quickly become the biggest threat towards organizations today. From ransomware attacks to data-stealing “Trojan” viruses, companies now are under constant attack more than ever before. In this world, it is essential to ensure that your company’s sensitive data is protected. At GigE, our expert technicians have years of experience in designing and deploying customized security plans. We understand that every company has different requirements, and we strive to design the perfect fit for your IT infrastructure.

Here are some of the IT security services that we can do for you:

Complete Systems Audit

Every company’s IT infrastructure is different. We can scan and determine the most pressing security holes in your current systems and work with you to design strategies to repair them.

Centralize Management

By simplifying the management of your IT security, you can easily change and monitor settings from a single location.

Get rid of old sensitive data

We can help you ensure that old data will not fall into the wrong hands, by wiping or destroying hard drives.

Endpoint Antivirus Software

We help you install and manage endpoint antivirus software on your company’s computers

Continued Support

We continue support of your IT security through security patches and software updates

Why Should You Choose GigE’s IT Security Services?

Our technicians are highly experienced in designing custom security plans. Therefore, we guarantee that your company will be well-equipped to defending itself against cyberattack. Some common security services that we implement include customizable firewalls, spam-email blocking, and automatic threat detection. By doing this, we can ensure that your organization is protected from cyberthreat on a day-to-day basis.

How does GigE design your IT security?

it security services

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