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Increase in Cyberattacks Targeting Cloud Applications

COVID-19 has caused many businesses to adopt cloud applications to keep up company productivity. Cloud applications are programs and digital tools that are hosted in the internet and allow for easy collaborative workflows and communication. A prime example of a cloud application is Microsoft’s Office 365 suite. It brings the well-known Office applications such as…
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covid 19 healthcare

Cyberattackers Are Targeting Organizations Aiding In Covid-19 Response

It has recently been discovered that cyberattacker threats are targeting organizations involved in the global Covid-19 response, according to the UK’s National Cybersecurity Centre and US’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Industries that are being targeted include healthcare, academic institutions, medical organizations, and pharmaceuticals. It was discovered that APTs, or Advanced Persisted Threat groups, pose…
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Data Theft Is Common In Ransomware Attacks

The Microsoft Threat Protection Intelligence Team has stated that almost all ransomware attacks are accompanied by data theft, even if the cyberattackers don’t explicitly state that they are stealing your information. Ransomware attacks are a strain of cyberattack that is characterized by the intention to extort money out of victims by locking their sensitive data…
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ransomware security keyboard

Video Teleconferencing (VTC) Security

Video teleconferencing has become an important tool during the COVID 19 pandemic, which has resulted in many companies adopting work-from-home policies. However, this has also resulted in this type of connection becoming a new target for cyber security attackers. Video Teleconferencing (VTC) is the technology that connects multiple people over the internet with both audio…
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VPN connection

Secure Your Work-from-Home VPN Connections

With COVID-19 being declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), government-mandated quarantines and self-imposed social distancing are now becoming widespread occurrences in over 100 countries. In this environment, many organizations now rely on work-from-home for many of their employees. These remote workers rely on VPNs in order to connect to their companies’ network.…
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cathay pacific cyberattack

Lessons Learned From The Cathay Pacific Data Breach

Hong Kong airline company Cathay Pacific was fined 500 000 pounds by the UK Information Commissioner’s office due to a data leak where 9.4 million user records were leaked. Of the affected individuals, over 100 000 were from the UK. The data breach was the result of unauthorized access to Cathay Pacific’s servers that dated…
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remote connection

Remote Connections Can Become Security Vulnerabilities. How Can You Protect Your Network?

What are the dangers of remote connections? Remote work, which relies on establishing a secure connection between an employee’s home computer and the company network, can become a security vulnerability if left without any security measures. The security risks associated with remote work are not limited to cyberattackers that are trying to access your network…
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10.6 Million Customer Records Leaked by MGM Resorts

Over 10.6 million customer data records were leaked by the MGM Resorts Hotel in a recent data breach. Information that was leaked to the public included customer addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, and email addresses. The information was posted publicly on a hacking forum. In the post-leak security audit, MGM discovered that the breach was caused…
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ssh keys

SSH Key Malware Is Spreading

What are SSH Keys? SSH, or Secure Shell, is a method used to establish a secure login between two systems. It is widely used across many operating systems. Using an SSH key, an IT administrators can gain access to servers and computers. Because SSH keys do not expire, and unauthorized individual in possession of and…
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trojan malware

The Emotet Trojan Malware Is Spreading Through Wifi

The Trojan malware strain known as Emotet has been in circulation ever since 2014. Early versions of the malware aimed to steal sensitive information or credentials after infecting victims’ computers. Up until recently, it was believed that the only way that Emotet trojan could infect a computer was through malicious email links. However, it was…
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