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IT Issues Frequently Faced By Canadian Organizations

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IT Issues Frequently Faced By Canadian Organizations

Slow Computers
One of the most common issues faced by organizations is computer slow downs. This can be the result of many different causes, including aging hardware, insufficient RAM and hard drive space, or malware.

Accidental Deletion of Files
A major cause of corporate data breaches and data loss is through human error. A simple accidental tap of a button can delete a file from the system, and if a backup is unavailable this could become a major problem for any organization. A common remedy for these situations is creating secure backups of all important files. With this, a file deletion can be easily repaired by downloading the backups from the local server or cloud backup storage.

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Wi-Fi Connection Issues

A stable network is one of the cornerstones of any business, particularly for organizations that have employees relying on remote and VPN connections. Therefore, network connection issues are often devastating to the productivity of an organization. Furthermore, network slowdowns can also result in damage to reputation or customer relationships if communication channels and VoIP systems become impacted.

The cause of failing network connections can be extremely varied, ranging from dying hardware to the router needing a software update. While restarting the network devices can sometimes solve the issue, other problems may require the assistance of a professional IT technician.

Unreliable Network

An unreliable network connection that experiences constant dropouts can have major impacts to the delivery of your services, negatively impacting your organization’s reputation, as well as your customer satisfaction.

Overheating Hardware

Old hardware can often overheat when placed in an environment without ample ventilation. This is dangerous to the health of the computer, due to the fact that excess heat can damage components such as the CPU and GPU. Therefore, it is important to keep systems in a spacious and clean area that is clear of dust or other airflow obstructions.

Losing Passwords

An important part of a company’s cybersecurity strategy is a secure password management system. It important for organizations to employ policies such as password length and complexity restrictions and multifactor authentication, to ensure that sensitive accounts are sufficiently protected. However, sometimes users forget or lose their passwords. Therefore, it is also important to have a clear and fast system that can restore functionality to users’ accounts in these instances, in order to minimize workflow disruptions.

USB Devices Not Being Recognized

We rely heavily on USB devices to transfer files such as presentations, product pitches, or reports. A malfunctioning flash drive or port can cause delays to business functioning.

If the failure to recognize a USB device is caused by a fault port, then using a different port will resolve the issue. However, if it is caused by a software incompatibility or outdated operating system, a technical professional’s diagnosis will be required.

Printer and Scanner Failures

Print and scan functions are some of the most important aspects of business functions. However, office Multifunction Printers (MFPs) can often be a source of IT trouble, as they rely on direct or network connections to users’ PCs. Resolutions to these issues can range from simple fixes such as restarting the device, to more technical solutions that require a professional to troubleshoot deeper IP assignment issues in the local network.

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