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Indicators that You Should Partner with a Managed Service Provider

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Indicators that You Should Partner with a Managed Service Provider

Unpredictable IT costs
Maintaining your organization’s IT includes upkeep of many factors including hardware, software, licensing, and personnel costs. With so many interconnected aspects, it is easy for costs to become highly inconsistent and unpredictable, often leading to overinvestments in some areas and underinvestment in others. Not only does this result in wasted financial resources, but it can also lead to significant weaknesses in your IT strategy.

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A large benefit of working with a managed service provider (MSP) is their holistic approach to managing all aspects of your IT infrastructure. Through this top-down approach, priority and funds are more effectively managed, leading to more secure infrastructure and consistent costs.

IT failures are becoming more common
As IT infrastructure fails, common symptoms often present themselves. As the equipment gets closer to failure, the symptoms often increase in frequency and severity. If you have noticed an increase in the below symptoms for your organization causing major productivity issues, it may be time to reach out to an MSP:
-Frequent network disconnections
-Slow computer operation and freezes
-Unpredictable computer behavior
MSPs can help manage and monitor your devices to ensure that they are operating at optimal capacity.

Your network is vulnerable to cyberattack
Cyberattack is becoming one of the most pressing and immediate threats facing any company today. From ransomware to botnet attacks, every organization must take precautions to protect themselves against the financial and legal repercussions of an intrusion.

Cybersecurity is also no longer as simple as installing an antivirus on endpoints. Multifaceted solutions must be designed to protect all entry points into your network and systems in order to be effective. From employing MFA on your accounts, to firewall appliances, software update management, and intrusion monitoring, it is essential to cover all of your bases in order to reduce the danger and potential severity of attack.

Lack of In-house resources
Day-to-day issues such as network disconnects, computer slowdowns, or print/scan issues may not be catastrophic, but certainly contribute to reductions in productivity. Not having access to immediate IT resources to resolve these issues can result in continuous damages to company productivity in the long term. This can further lead to issues with customer satisfaction and company reputation.

Your software is out-of-date
Software update management is overwhelming to handle for any organization. Not only do operating systems have frequent updates that need to be applied, but manufacturer updates, printer updates, and general software updates also need to be applied on a timely basis.
These software updates are not only useful for improving software performance, however. Security fixes and vulnerability patches are rolled out during these updates too, and neglecting to apply them can result cyberattack breaches and compliance issues.

You aren’t employing data backup procedures
Your data is at constant risk of loss – not only from cyberattack, but from software corruption, accidental hardware damage, or hardware failure. In light of this, it is essential to keep up-to-date copies of your sensitive and important files for retrieval if the original copies are ever lost.
MSPs help you design, deploy, and manage customized backup solutions for your organization’s specific data needs.

IT issues are taking up more and more of your company’s time
As an organization’s IT becomes more problematic, you are often forced to spend more and more time dealing with the issues rather than focusing on your plate of tasks. Don’t let IT issues get in the way of your organization’s productivity. Work with an MSP to help you manage your infrastructure, alleviating your team from its constant pressures. Call GIGE Corporation at +1 888 366 4443 or email info@gige.ca to get started today.



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