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The Advantages Of Using VPN To Protect Your Network

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The Advantages Of Using VPN To Protect Your Network

In today’s digitally connected world, virtual private networks (VPN) have become an essential tool in protecting your network from cyberattack intrusions. A VPN is a security service that protects your company network by creating encrypted connections among your organization’s devices. Encrypted data keeps your sensitive information safe from attackers by scrambling transferred data into a protected format. For remote workers, VPNs also enable employees to safely access company drives, servers storages, and programs while working off-site.

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Advantages of Using VPN
It is essential to keep your organization safe from cyberattack; an intrusion to you system can result in data breaches that cause irreparable damage to your organization – both financially, and to its reputation. Insecure network connections are one of the major points of vulnerability into many networks – if a cyberattacker can hijack your connection, they are often able to steal data or install malicious software (malware) into your organization’s endpoints. Furthermore with VPN, VoIP calls used by your organization’s network will also be secured. In addition, VPNs allow for immense flexibility in employee workflows, assisting them stay connected in secure and fast connections regardless of geographical location.

What are the Dangers of Cyberattack?

Once a malicious attacker gains access to your organization’s network, they are able to launch various strains of cyberattack on your company, including ransomware attacks or data-stealing trojans. In recent years, ransomware attacks have become one of the most prevailing and dangerous types of malware. Its goal is to extort money out of victims by locking their data behind an encryption wall, thereby halting business functions until a ransom is paid. Employing VPN connections to protect your network is an important part of safeguarding yourself against these types of cyberattacks.

Highly scalable solutions to tailor to your organization
Scaling IT equipment can often be difficult when your business grows. However, VPN services are completely scalable to your organization’s changing needs, meaning that you will always maintain protected connections regardless of company size changes, without paying for extraneous services.

Customizable Access Control
One of the most effective methods of ensuring data security is through access control. Access control manages the files that each user account has access to. With this, sensitive files can be restricted to only be available to employees who require them. Access control is an effective method of protecting data, due to the fact that it reduces the amount of exposure if an endpoint is compromised. VPN customization can help you manage access control on your company files and network locations, increasing security for your data.

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