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How VPNs Can Help Your Organization

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How VPNs Can Help Your Organization

As the prevalence of remote work increases across the globe, one of the main technologies that many businesses are relying on now are virtual private networks (VPNs). This type of technology is highly effective protecting your organization’s network against unwanted intrusion, while still allowing your employees to access their company files and programs, making it a versatile and powerful tool. This article aims to highlight some of the major benefits of using a VPN.


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How do VPNs Work?
In short, a VPN scrambles data coming from a company device (computer, phone), and a server through a process called encryption. While unencrypted data can be read and understood by anybody who gains access to the connect, encrypted data is unreadable unless an attacker gains access to its key. This adds an extra layer of protection for data being sent and received over the internet.

Work From Anywhere
With a VPN, your organization can gain a high level of flexibility in how and where your employees work. As long as you have an internet connection, your employees can gain access to their files and programs. In addition, utilizing cloud storage can ensure that important client files are kept protected against theft or data loss.
Through VPN, you can increase the flexibility of your organization’s workflows, allowing your existing workforce to stay connected and work from anywhere, while also allowing you to explore a larger talent pool from various geographical regions.

VPN Boosts IT Security
Cybercrime has increased rapidly in recent years following computing power increases. In this light, it is essential to deploy thorough cybersecurity measures to ensure that your organization remains safe against attack.
Failure to do so can result in devastating financial or legal consequences to your organization should an attacker gain access to your networks. Furthermore, an attack or data leak can also cause irreparable reputational damage to your organization’s brand, calling into question its ability to keep sensitive client information safe from the public.

A VPN can help protect your organization against data leaks. It can work in tandem with other appliances such as firewalls and endpoint antivirus software, ensuring that your data is kept protected against prying eyes. The encryption that VPNs use to protect your information ensures that an attacker who gains access to a connection still does not have access to your data.

Scalable Solutions Help Save Costs
Traditionally, IT hardware would need to be purchased according to your organization’s specific usage needs during the time of purchase. If you upsize or downsize your organization however, you may subsequently need to replace hardware that does not adequately serve your new needs.

Many VPN solutions are entirely scalable, meaning that they can grow or shrink with your company as it changes. This means that you can always rest assured that your network will stay protected, regardless of changes that you make.
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