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Why our Help Desk?

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Why our Help Desk?





GigE IT Solutions provides IT helpdesk services to businesses of all industries across North America. With over 15 000 active technicians servicing over 400 cities, we guarantee a 30 minute response time to any service request.

One of the strengths of our service offerings is our myriad of payment options. We offer per-incident, per-project, or per-device payment plans to give you the flexibility of defining how and when you use our services. Furthermore, we provide both remote and on-site technician services to ensure that your issue is handled quickly and with an appropriate strategy.

GigE is highly confident in the long-lasting quality of its products and services. As such, we loyally stand by our customer base, providing fast, reliable, and professional help-desk services. Working from our location in Mississauga, Ontario, our highly skilled and experienced team of technicians are always available to assist you or your company in any I.T. issues that you may encounter.

At GigE we understand that communication is paramount to IT services. That is why we offer an online ticketing system that keeps you informed on the status of your technical issues. Using this robust system allows us to also escalate your technical issues to the most appropriate technicians in our team.

Flexibility is key when it comes to I.T. troubleshooting. Issues can be unpredictable, and each customer will require different levels of assistance. In light of this, GigE provides multiple methods of assisting our customers, to give you the best support consultation experience possible. Not only can you contact us through our telephone or e-mail, but we also provide remote-connection services that allow us to directly assist you straight from our location. Additionally, we provide instant messaging via our main website. Our help desk services are fast and reliable. Get started with GigE IT Solutions today.


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