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The Essentials of Information Security

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The Essentials of Information Security

Protecting your organization’s sensitive data is an essential part of managing your business. Data leaks and cybersecurity attacks can lead to immense financial costs to your organization. Therefore, it is essential to employ a comprehensive security policy to ensure that all avenues concerning IT security are handled sufficiently. A good security policy covers all the different aspects of management including outlining the vulnerable areas that need to be addressed in your infrastructure, who is responsible for different parts of the security, and which employees have administrative access to company systems.

Identify Vulnerabilities in your Infrastructure

Train employees with best-practice knowledge when handling IT systems
While some employees may be savvy in their use of technology, it is essential to ensure that everybody is on the same page in terms of identifying signs for dangers such as phishing scams. In the training sessions, some important topics you should cover include strategies to identify suspicious emails, how to identify dangerous or malicious attachments, and the protocols to request new software installations.

Ensure that your organization has a firewall
A firewall is an important layer of protection against malicious connections online. For instance, it can block dangers such as Trojan or Ransomware malware from infiltrating into your systems.

Ensure you have data backup set up
Data is always in danger of being lost. Whether from a physical disaster such as floods or office outages, or through software corruption or cyberattack. In these instances, irreparable damage can be done to your organization’s finances and reputation.

Employ Spam Filters
Spam filters are another useful tool for ensuring that your employees are well protected against the majority of suspicious and malicious emails. This massively reduces the chance that your organization is exposed to cyberattack.

Password Management
A secure password management strategy is another important part of securing your organization’s information. A common attack strategy is called “Brute force attack” which uses automated services to attempt to gain entry to an account by guessing every possible combination of characters and symbols for a password. These can be made less effective by ensuring that your passwords use special characters, contain lowercase and uppercase letters, and don’t contain common words or phrases.

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