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What are E-mail and Remote Connections?

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What are E-mail and Remote Connections?





In today’s world, E-mail has become a standardized medium of communication. Within a company, it is used as a major bridge between employees, and to customers. As such, the platform on which a company’s e-mail systems runs is essential to its maximum efficiency. If a company is hosting its own e-mail systems on an aging server, it results in company-wide decreases in productivity.¬†GigE provides solutions for failing e-mail systems, through migration services to new cloud-based platforms, to increase your company’s efficiency.


In addition to this, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are a technology that allow for employees to access their office work from a remote location. Through this, company efficiency can be further increased by improving the flexibility that employees have to continue their work. GigE also provides services for the installation and on-going maintenance of systems such as these to help your company maximize its productive workflow.

Remote Desktop Connections are protocols that allow for one computer to remotely connect to another computer. It is a tool used by computer administrators to help troubleshoot issues. However, misconfigured connections can become security vulnerabilities for a company’s network. MSPs such as GIGE IT Solutions designs and deploys customized email solutions that help you protect your email and remote connections to ensure that your data is protected from unauthorized cyberattackers. Strategies such as a mulfifactor authentication are used to protect remote connections from cyberattackers that are able to brute force sensitive credentails.

GIGE IT Solutions provides email solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Get started with us by emailing us at info@gige.ca or calling us at 888 366 4443.


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