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What are E-mail and Remote Connections?

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What are E-mail and Remote Connections?





In today’s world, E-mail has become a standardized medium of communication. Within a company, it is used as a major bridge between employees, and to customers. As such, the platform on which a company’s e-mail systems runs is essential to its maximum efficiency. If a company is hosting its own e-mail systems on an aging server, it results in company-wide decreases in productivity.¬†GigE provides solutions for failing e-mail systems, through migration services to new cloud-based platforms, to increase your company’s efficiency.


In addition to this, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are a technology that allow for employees to access their office work from a remote location. Through this, company efficiency can be further increased by improving the flexibility that employees have to continue their work. GigE also provides services for the installation and on-going maintenance of systems such as these to help your company maximize its productive workflow.

GIGE IT Solutions provides email solutions to small and medium sized businesses.


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