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Dental IT Solutions

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Dental IT Solutions

GIGE IT Solutions has been providing services to dental offices since 1993. We understand that dental offices rely on secure and reliable back-end IT. Our technicians have years of experience designing customized dental IT solutions that are both dependable and affordable. Read more below to learn about what we can do for you

We make sure your IT back office is always secure and protected so that you can focus on providing the best care to your patients.

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IT Solutions that your Dental Office can always depend on

We know how important it is for your IT to be reliable. GIGE IT Solutions makes sure that your devices are always backed up and healthy with 24/7 monitoring.

We provide services for dental offices across Canada including data backup, network security, and VoIP solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, we ensure that your IT will never hold back your office’s productivity.


Data Backup Services

We understand how important it is for you to keep your client data backed up and secure. Our off-site and cloud based backup solutions are customized to your needs and will keep you prepared for malware attacks such as cryptojacking and ransomware.

Customized VoIP Solutions

It is easy for dental offices to become bogged down by client calls. GIGE designs your VoIP system to fully align with your company’s call volume and organization structure to help you maximize the efficiency of your operation.

Network Security Solutions

Dental offices are under constant threat of cyberattack ranging from ransomware to phishing attacks. We identify vulnerable areas in your existing network infrastructure and provide consulting and remediation services to ensure that you’re well protected from malware threats.

Keep your client’s sensitive data safe.

Rest easily knowing that all your communication and data are protected from cyberattackers with our IT security services. We ensure that your data is protected and that your disaster recovery protocols are always ready to get your office back up and running. GIGE also provides update services to help you keep your PCs running at peak efficiency and protected from known software vulnerabilities.

IT services with a guaranteed 30 minute response time 

We make sure that your IT will never be a factor dragging your office’s productivity down. Our nonprofit IT help desk has a guaranteed 30 minute response time for any issue that you are experiencing.  We also ensure that the most appropriate technician is assigned your issue with our escalation matrices. GIGE provides both on-site and remote support options to help you resolve any IT issue.


What services do we provide?

Data Backup Services

IT Helpdesk Services

It Security Services

VOIP Services

Looking for Dental IT Solutions?

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