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Data Storage Management

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Data backup is essential for the protection against potential loss of company files through physical or digital failure,such as hardware damage, physical obsolescence, or software corruption. As such the efficiency of a company’s data recovery procedures is in direct relation to its long-term successful operation. GigE IT Solutions designs and provides on-site installation of data backup solutions, ranging from local user computer backups to remote backups for company server files.
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Data storage management concerns itself not only with initial equipment installation, but also the long-term reliability of information storage. GigE’s IT services provide not only the design of cost-effective and personalized data solutions depending on the informational needs of your company, but also superior continued IT support to give you the lasting assurance of trustworthy data management.


On-site hardware and software deployment

Servicing and testing of backup systems

Managed Cloud Storage

to cloud backup storage in case of physical damage of in-house company storage

Backup Management Centralization

For increased reliability of disaster recovery and streamlined management

Offsite Redundant Backup Storage

We ensure that your data is safe even in the case of in-office disasters

Disaster Testing Backup Procedures

GIGE IT Solutions ensures that your backup protocols are always ready to instantly restore your data

24/7 Monitoring and Security Management

Our IT Support team constantly monitor the health and security of your backups. Never fall victim to data loss or leaks.


Computer data, like physical documents, are susceptible to damage. In fact, digital media is perhaps comparatively more vulnerable to destruction than its tangible counterpart. This is because it is not only affected by physical hardware damage, but also corruption that can occur seemingly without any reason or warning. It is unfortunate that the reality of digital information storage is that it will perhaps never be immune to these inherent risks, due to its nature of construction.

In the corporate world, loss of company information can often be a major blow, whether it be previous project archives, financial data, or important client information. In such an event, recovery of the company’s information becomes wholly reliant on the prearranged protocols that were established. If such strategies were poorly set up or ignored entirely, the destroyed data could be lost forever. Therefore, anticipatory data storage management strategies are absolutely essential for the protection of a company’s information. A managed IT services provider can help your company keep its data safe, ensuring that disasters do not cripple your back end systems.

GigE IT Solutions provides a wide variety of back-up IT services, which are able to cover all bases when it comes to data protection. These range from the local backup of important files on locally kept external hard drives, to the provision of cloud-based remote storage for your company at our secure and stable location.

Data Storage Management


Cloud Backup Storage
Data that is kept remotely in an offsite server, and is accessible through the internet

Hardware Damage
Physical harm to computer components that results in the destruction of stored data

Local User Computer Backup
Archiving of data using methods such as external hard drives or DVDs, which are stored locally in the company. Data is restored by replacing corrupted files with those in the external devices.

Physical Obsolescence
Hardware failure due to the product reaching its physical end of life

Remote Backup
Archiving of data off-site in a remote drive, at a secure location

Software Corruption
Errors in stored data due to computer digital mistakes during reading or writing processes

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