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Data Recovery
Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Data Recovery Experts in Toronto

Welcome to gigE, a leading provider of data recovery services in Mississauga, Toronto. We serve businesses and homes throughout Toronto. Our satisfied clients can count on us for reliable, secure and confidential data recovery services. From helping government agencies retrieve highly sensitive information to assisting small and large sized organizations streamline workflow, our technicians will do all it takes to recover lost data.

We have highly trained data recovery specialists who have successfully recovered data in the most complex situations in the industry. Our technicians have been called upon to recover data from burnt hard drives, corrupt files and after electrical emergencies. There’s simply no job that we can’t handle when it comes to recovering data. We take complex cases as a challenge to showcase our skill and experience in the field. You can confide in gigE team for expertise in data recovery solutions.

Why choose gigE team for data recovery?

At gigE team, we always strive to give our clients the best possible solutions. We carry years of combined experience in IT support and maintenance services including data recovery solutions. When you partner with us, expect:

  • Free data recovery evaluations
  • More than 10 years of combined experience
  • No charge if we don’t successfully recover data
  • Certified and experienced data recovery specialists
  • Safe and secure recovery solutions
  • All data recovery is done in a cleanroom

What happens when you lose critical data?

Data recovery is such a sensitive process. When you lose critical data whether in your laptop or hard disk, you may be tempted to open up the device and try to figure out what’s wrong. We always discourage doing this at all costs. For a start, data recovery must be done in a conducive environment. At gigE, we conduct this process in an ISO certified clean room to prevent causing further damage due to dust that can land on the hard drive and cause the data to be corrupted. In fact, the wrong environment can result in a failed process and unrecoverable data. Our technicians will always ensure that the recovery process is conducted in an environment where there are no environmental pollutants such as dust, aerosol particles and chemical vapors and hence increase the chances of a successful recovery process.

Experts you can trust

We are a Toronto data security company that holds itself to the highest standards. We always ensure our client’s data is protected before and after recovery. That’s why our recovery technicians have been trusted by government agencies and other institutions to offer reliable solutions. We have also offered our services to medical institutions all over the GTA. For every client we serve, we provide a comprehensive term of service that guarantees privacy and confidentiality. We perform regular edits and security checks to ensure the entire data recovery process is according to the region’s laws and regulations.

Lost data in your hard drive?

Your hard drive is among the most crucial components in the computer. This is where you store all your data that keeps your business running. Put all your worries aside and let the qualified gigE data recovery experts come to your rescue. This is what we do best so expect a fast turn around time and efficient service. There’s really no need to worry over getting your data back because we promise to do our level best to recover data fast and safely.
Reliable and secure camera recovery services

Our Toronto camera recovery experts are here to help you recover any media files regardless of the manufacturer of brand of camera that’s giving you trouble. We carry over 15 years of combined experience in camera recovery. We use the latest tools and technology to ensure any data that is in your camera card is safely recovered and back in your hands. Whether your camera is not running or the pictures are corrupt, call in our experts to offer you the help you need. We also provide data recovery services on damaged or broken cameras or when files are deleted accidentally from the device.

Whatever your needs are, we’re happy to help you restore any meaningful media or data files from your device. The sooner you begin the recovery process, the higher the chances of getting all your data back. Don’t attempt to open up the camera and fix the issue on your own. We have recovered data from popular brands of cameras such as Canon, FujiFilm, Konica, Kodak, Leica and Nikon. Our skilled technicians know how these devices operate and will quickly identify the issue to successfully recover lost data. Such devices are sensitive and require expert hands to resolve common issues. We offer a free consultation so get in touch with us today to start the recovery process.

Need computer data recovery? Trust the experts

Our gigE team can recover data on any operating system, model or make of computer. We carry a wealth of experience in computer data recovery. We use the latest tools, software and technology to guarantee our customers effective solutions. We will ensure the recovery process is safely done so that the personal data on your computer remains safe.
Call our experts when you notice:

  • Strange noises coming from your device
  • Error messages showing up constantly on your computer
  • Missing data in your files
  • Your device no longer recognizes data
  • Sudden crashes that become too frequent and interfere with the device’s performance
  • If your PC is damaged by water or electrical surges
  • If you delete data accidentally from your PC

Get reliable computer data recovery services from gigE team to save your files. If you notice any signs of trouble, we always recommend turning off the device immediately. Never attempt to open the device and fix it on your own. When you continue to run a failed hard drive, you could cause irreversible damage. Our experts offer free consultation and an affordable data recovery solution. Call us today to save your data when you need it most.


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