Data Backup Services in Toronto and Mississauga

Data Backup Services provided by GIGE Solutions

Cloud-based backup customized for your company

We know that every company has different data backup needs. Whether it is is the quantity of required storage or data type, our technicians can help you design the optimal data backup plans. This is where GIGE shines. Our data backup services ensure that your information is stored securely in the safest way possible.

A company’s data is constantly threatened by data corruption, hardware failure, or accidental deletion. Data backup protection is therefore essential to the reliability of your organization’s computer storage. Furthermore, a company’s ability to quickly recover lost data is also just as important. With GigE’s backup solutions, you will never fall victim to data loss.

What can we do for you?

Custom-tailored Design

We audit your existing systems and work closely with you to determine the best backup plans for your company

Complete Set-up

We setup and thoroughly test all backup systems to ensure that disaster recovery protocols are healthy

Ongoing Support

Our data backup services extend beyond installation. We promise to continue supporting your systems with our helpdesk services

Off-site Storage

Don’t lose your data even in the event that your company’s office is compromised. With off-site storage, your information will be stored in a separate location from your office.

Cloud-based Storage Options

Feel the freedom of cloud-based storage and have increased flexibility in where you can access your data.

How do we design your backup plan?


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