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Why Data Backup Is Essential For Organizations

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Why Data Backup Is Essential For Organizations

Data backup is one of the most important aspects of managing your organization’s IT. Loss of essential data such as client information can set your company back months, leading to massive financial and reputational damage. In light of this, it is essential to understand the risks that can pose a threat to your sensitive data, as well as the strategies that you can employ to counter them.

Improve Your Data Backup

Physical Disasters Can Damage Local Servers
A physical disaster can cause damage to your in-house servers, leading to hard drive failure and ultimately data loss. For instance, a heavy rainstorm may cause flooding, resulting in local files being damaged. If these files are not properly backed up, this can cause major issues to your organization’s productivity. Additionally, fires or break-ins could also result in similar data loss.
No matter the cause, this can be protected against through the use of proper backup protocols. Whether your files are backed up on the cloud or in off-site servers, having up-to-date copies can assist with reducing downtime during incidents of server damage.

Malware Attacks Targeting Data
Due to their essential and sensitive nature, company data is a common target point for cyberattackers. One form of cyberattack known as phishing scams are designed to trick victims into allowing attackers access to their sensitive data. In a phishing attack, any type of data may be targeted, including account credentials or credit card information.

Ransomware attacks are another type of malware that target your data. In this type of cyberattack, information is locked behind a ransom wall, and cyberattackers demand ransom payment for its safe release. This type of attack uses downtime costs as its leverage. However, if your organization has up-to-date backups of its important files, attackers lose this advantage as you can continue your work despite the infected systems being inaccessible.

Accidental File Deletion
Human error can be a major cause of data loss. A simple misclick of a button can result in an important file being lost, or hours of work going down the drain. This is especially important for collaborative files that have multiple editors. In these instances, it is essential to ensure that only people who require access to a file are granted permission to edit it.

Create Easily Accessible Data Archives
Keeping your data backups archived well can assist in finding backups when you need them, as well as checking regulatory compliances. During times of cyberattack or data loss caused by physical disaster, time is often of the essence. Every minute that your organization does not have access to its important files is lost productivity, which often leads to failures in business delivery. Therefore, it is important to make your data archives as accessible and user friendly as possible.

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