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How Vulnerable Are You To Cyberattack?

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How Vulnerable Are You To Cyberattack?

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Cyberattacks are a constant problem facing organizations across the world.

GIGE Corporation’s Cybersecurity Risk Calculator can help show you which threats you are most vulnerable to.


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What’s The Threat?


Recent times have seen countless corporations, cities, and communities being ravaged by cyberattack. We are living in a digital age where the threat cannot be ignored. You can read more about incidents and their effects on our cybersecurity news pages:


10,000 computers were infected with the Petya Ransomware


Trojan.Kotver exploits your own programs to infiltrate your computer


Emergency patches released by Microsoft in 2017 to repair Critical Vulnerabilities in SMBv1


Cryptojacking virus forces St. Francis Xavier University to shut down its network

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