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Cyber Security Tips

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Cybersecurity Tips for Businesses

In 2011, Sony was hit by a cyberattack that cost the company over 15 million USD. Three years later, a second malware attack on the company resulted in 8 million dollars of compensation fees. Target, the 8th largest American Retailer suffered over 18 million dollars in settlement losses as a result of a massive cyberattack in December 2013. Capital One now faces fines of up to $500 million USD following a massive data breach in March 2019.

We are reaching a time where cybersecurity threats are becoming an immediate concern for businesses. Historically, ignoring these threats has often caused severe financial and legal damages. We know that navigating these new threats can be overwhelming, so we are writing a series of articles to help you get familiar with the world of cyber security:


What are the Different Types of Malware?


Cyber Security Best Practices


Backup Strategy


Data Privacy Compliance


IT Support Key Metrics


Password & Account Management


What are Social Engineering Attacks?