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Backup Solutions and Services

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Cloud Based Backup Solutions for your Data, Network or Business

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Information specific to core business for any company is valuable, and is under constant danger of data loss, whether through corruption, hardware failure, or deletion. Backup and data protection is therefore an important factor towards the reliability of an organization’s computer storage. Likewise, a company’s ability to quickly recover lost data is also directly related to its overall productive work-flow.

GigE provides Backup Process Engineering (BPE) services for your company’s specific needs, through on-site installation of backup equipment and software, as well as ongoing storage and maintenance. GigE has team of experienced I.T. professionals that can help you with company’s specific backup processing needs. We offer a wide range of software and physical devices that help you create a reliable, customized and seamless solutions for your I.T. systems.

Reasons to choose GigE:

  • Data reside in Microsoft Data Centers in Canada
  • Automatic backup without human intervention
  • Daily monitoring of backup status
  • No contract obligations
  • Personalized approach to every customer
  • Quick response

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