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The Major Benefits of an IT Helpdesk

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The Major Benefits of an IT Helpdesk

Day-to-day IT issues can seem like little more than a nuisance. If a computer acts slightly slower than usual, or a printer gets jammed, these issues can seemingly be resolved without any long term consequences. However, when looking at these small issues from a longer perspective, these seemingly minor issues can pile up and cause severe delays. Worse still, seemingly harmless issues such as computer slowdowns or occasional crashes could be early symptoms of hardware failure. This article aims to provide an overview of some of the main benefits of working with an IT helpdesk.


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Combine Services with your Existing Resources

For organizations with existing IT teams, they can leverage an external IT helpdesk to augment their existing resources. An advantage of IT helpdesk resources is that you can design the relationship to fill the specific needs of your organization. For example, you can delegate the IT helpdesk company to help with day-to-day issues while your internal team handles the core infrastructural management of your organization.


Round-the-clock Support
IT issues may occur outside of standard office hours. If this occurs to a company without and IT support provider, they may need to wait until the next morning before being able to receive support. With a 24-hr IT helpdesk, you would not need to waste time letting the IT issue persist for hours until the next morning.


Standardize and Reduce Costs
One of the biggest advantages of establishing a long term partnership with an IT helpdesk is the reduction of costs to your organization should IT issues occur. In general, one-off callouts are more expensive both financially and in terms of time spent looking for a technician, when compared to an ongoing IT helpdesk. With the latter, your organization gains access to a dedicated team of technicians who are always at the ready to help you with any issue that may arise.


Reduce cybersecurity Risk
Cybersecurity threats have become one of the most immediate concerns to many Canadian organizations in recent years. From ransomware to phishing attacks, your organization’s data is constantly under the radar of malicious actors.

The cost of a cyberattack incident can be devastating for any organization, causing financial to reputational damage to your brand’s name. However, many organizations may not have the available resources to dedicate an internal team to manage IT infrastructure.
IT helpdesks can help you mitigate the risk of a cyberattack incident by assisting you understand the vulnerabilities in your current system. This can reduce the chance of incidents ranging from data breaches to extended downtime cause by hardware failure.

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