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Considerations when Choosing an MSP

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Considerations when Choosing an MSP

A managed service provider (MSP) can help your business centralize its IT management, reducing resource and financial strain and helping your company boost productivity.

Since 2018, many organizations have been affected in some way by cyberattacks or cyberattack threats, and many attacks result in devastating financial losses. An expert IT solutions provider can help your company identify potential weaknesses in its IT infrastructure and remedy them with efficient and secure network design. However, it can be difficult to select an MSP that would be a good fit for your organization. Here are some factors that are important to consider when undertaking this decision.

Industry Experience
While pricing is an important factor in determining an IT provider, an arguably more important factor is the experience that the company brings to the table. When in conversation with a potential new IT provider, ensure to ask about certifications and experience in the industry. For instance,  does their experience provide you with peace of mind that your networks are safe?

Furthermore, the more experience an IT provider has under their belt, the more likely they will have worked with a wide range of industries, and truly understand the unique challenges and goals of different SMBs.

Response Times
In an IT crisis, response time is often the determining factor to a successful or unsuccessful response. For instance, if an issue occurs with an online payment gateway and customers are unable to complete transactions, every minute that passes is potential lost revenue for your organization. in these situations, it is essential that the MSP is able to provide prompt service to your company. You can learn more about response time metrics in our article here.
GIGE Corporation, for example, ensures a guaranteed 30 minute response time to any issue that you may have. We ensure that there is a technician working on the issue within the time frame every time.
Fast response times are essential part of crisis management, and should be an important factor to your MSP consideration process.

Plans and Payment Options
Experience MSPs understand that every client and business has their own unique set of goals and requirements. It is important during the initial conversation that you ensure that the MSP is able to tailor their plans to fit your organization’s day-to-day, infrastructural, and financial needs.
An enormous advantage of MSPs offering customized plans is that you are not paying for any services that your organization doesn’t need, cutting down on financial costs.

What is included in the Security Offering
The best cybersecurity strategies cover all the bases, from endpoint protection to data backup. It is important to determine what your MSP’s solution includes to ensure that you are covered in case of cyberattack. Don’t fall victim to cyberattack. Call us at + 1 888 366 4443 or email us at info@gige.ca to get started today.

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