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Common IT Issues Facing Canadian Organizations

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Common IT Issues Facing Canadian Organizations

As organizations around the world increase their reliance on digital infrastructure for their day-to-day activities, so too will the number of IT issues they will face. This article aims to cover some of the most common IT issues that you may encounter.


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Lagging computers
Perhaps the most common issue face by any organization is computers slowing to a crawl. In worst cases, this can result in computers completely crashing, causing users to lose their work.
Computer slow downs can reduce the efficiency that you and your team can operate at. Since many office functions and communication may take place through digital means, time that is spent waiting for the computer to register and execute a user’s commands is essentially wasted.
There are many causes to computers slowing down. Some of the most common could be a lack of space in the hard drives, RAM being overloaded, or due to malware. However, there could also be physical causes to computer slowdowns, including dust blocking the fans resulting in overheating issues and throttling.

Loss or Leakage of Data
Data breaches and data loss are some of the most common issues facing organizations today. When a large portion of client data and files are store digitally, an employee could accidentally delete these files through an accidental click. In addition, malware attacks such as trojans can infect unprotected systems resulting in sensitive information being released to the public, damaging your organizations’ reputation. Mishandling of this data can also result in compliance issues for your organization.
Employing thorough data backup and cybersecurity intrusion prevention for your organization is some of the most effective ways of handling data handling.
While managing this internally is a common option for larger organizations, smaller companies can look to partner with MSPs (managed service providers) to help offload this effort from their core resources.

Network Instability
Unstable Wi-Fi connections can be one of the most debilitating issues affecting your organization’s productivity. When employee’s have to wait for webpages or online documents to load, it takes time out of their day that could have otherwise been used productively.
Slow or unstable Wi-Fi connections can be the result of myriad causes. For instance, the access point set up may be insufficient for the distance that your company’s computers are to the router. Alternatively, outdated software drivers on either the router or end user machines could result in slowdowns in connection speed.

Forgetting Passwords
Many employees need to use multiple accounts for different services during their daily workflow. With so many credentials, it is not uncommon for people to forget their passwords or get locked out of an account due to too many unsuccessful sign-in attempts.
In light of this, it is essential for organizations to have a secure system of password management that ensures that your employees have the tools to create and keep strong passwords.

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